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Xbox Repair

Microsoft is one of the biggest companies in the world. It manufactures various products, including computer related software such as the Microsoft office, Microsoft windows, and they even invaded video games production. They become more famous when they released the Xbox in the year 2001 and 2002. Xbox is known as a game console, the 6th generation video game console. It is manufactured and reproduced by the Microsoft Corporation, themselves.

It is their very first video game machine. They become one of the tough competitors of the Sony PlayStation2. Xbox has the capacity to store tons of games and various downloadable tidbits because of its hard disk drive, which is built for the said purposes. Hard disk drive is much better than the limited storage capacity of memory cards. This gaming device can save music too that can be used in customizing several of the game’s soundtracks.

Associating with the Xbox console are two joysticks also called as the analog sticks. What makes these two sticks different from ordinary? The creator produced an analog stick which directional pads and pressure sensitive. It is also apparent that its controller is bigger than the standard joystick.

Windows 2000 kernel is the operating system installed to its system and Xbox dashboard is the name of its user interface. Since it has been installed with a media or music player, owners or the players can play their favorite CD’s using its hard drive. They can also play Xbox online games through it by accessing Xbox live. They can download songs, games and other system to their game console and save it.

And since the production was discontinued since 2005, it might be hard for the owners to ask for help in repairs. Just like other devices, these machines aren’t made perfectly. Due to frequent usage since it is a gaming console, it is expected that external and internal problems will surely occur during the process. It’s good if it still has a warranty, but how about those who doesn’t have? Buying a new one would be better than have it fixed in a high price.

If you have observed that your console is not working well, you need to check it immediately. See the possible problems, ‘prevention is better than cure’. There are problems that come out without any warning signs. Some of the common problems that need Xbox repairs are the graphic problems and E74 message. This might be because of the RROD. If ever you will experience this one, you can turn the console’s power. Unplug the cables, cords and other lines. You may let it rest for a while then re-attach the cords again.

Make sure that the cable wires and the plugs will be fitted to the socket to avoid losing of power control during the middle of the game. Put it in a safer place. Another problem that your Xbox might encounter is the frequent flashing of the red ring in the second quadrant. Its main cause might be overheating. Keep your console in a well-ventilated area. There are stores that sold fans whom you can attach to the gaming device. You can turn it off too and let it rest for a while. However, if its condition gets worst, call their hotline numbers for quick repairs.

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