Laptop Repairs

Everyone knows what a laptop is. Some call this as notebook or netbook, depending on its size. This is similar to personal computers that you have at home, in school or in offices. What makes laptop different is its size. It doesn’t have a bulky or lengthy monitor, or a box of CPU, keyboard and a mouse. It’s the smaller version of PC and a portable one. This is made for mobile and transportation purposes. True, computers nowadays are in great demands since it works for everyone. They are used in various ways such as inputting/encoding data, presentation and other form of entertainments. It is impossible and a hassle if you have to bring your entire PC set anywhere you go, right? That is why a laptop is a very convenient device that is recommended for busy people like you.

Just like a normal computer, laptops have the essential parts such as the screen/monitor, a built-in keyboard. It has a touchpad for navigation; you may use or not use mouse and built-in speakers too. It is created with rechargeable batteries that can last for approximately three to ten hours. It also works, even if you are charging it.

What are the advantages of having a laptop? It’s portability, you can bring it anywhere you go and plug it anywhere you needed it. Productivity, you can make presentation, projects and send important e-mails anywhere. As students or even office personnel can do immediate research if they want to know things and other stuffs.

Because of its obvious advantages and useful nature, there are times were in you can experience some laptop troubles that are in need of laptop repairs. Here are some of the laptop related problems and simple troubleshooting tips that you might encounter in the future.

    • It suddenly turns off in the middle of your work. There are reasons why it happens most of the time. The main one is, the battery is drained. Check the battery level at the lower-right portion of the monitor. Another one could be due to overheating. Check the cooling fun more often; it might be clogged with dusts. There’s a problem in the adaptor.
    • The LCD-display is not bright enough. That would be irritating to the eyes, especially if you are reading or doing presentations.  Check the LCD lid’s switch, it may be turned off, switch it on if it is.
    • Slow response. Did you install anti-virus software? Viruses may be a possible reason why your system is responding slowly. Your system is likely to be infected with other types of software such as spyware. Be careful when you download something. Try running a scan and check if it is infected with such unwanted viruses. Quickly remove it; you may put additional software that eliminates and preventing spyware and malware to enter your laptops’ systems. If it still doesn’t work, the best laptop repair idea is to re-install its operating system.
    • Frozen and hang ups. These are common problems; you might have input too many commands that your system can’t have its grip. You may turn it off, if it still doesn’t response remove the battery and wait for a while before putting it back. Then turn it on.

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