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LCD Repair

Fixing your LCD TV can be quite troublesome. With this, you must know the process it entails to fully make the LCD TV functional again. You can contact your local repairman for this. Nonetheless, you may know the basics of repairing it if you are on a tight budget. You may use this repairing experience and knowledge too as a source of income. In this way, you fix your own LCD TV and help other people to gain back their functional LCD TV again. It is necessary to have the common repair tools such as a pair of pliers, screwdriver and electrical tape. You may encounter circuitry failure or just a simple power supply run down. Let your keen observation know at which part the LCD TV has damage on.

Here are a couple of techniques you may employ in LCD repair.

  • Do not forge to turn off the power supply of the LCD TV or monitor. This will let you work on a safe note. If you are using a laptop, you may start by releasing the plug of the charger and removing the batteries. This will completely let the laptop turn off without any power supply.
  • If the screen is surrounded by screws, you can proceed to unscrewing all of them. If the cover is made of plastic running through the area of the screen, there are screws at the sides of it. The screws are normally covered with thin film or rubber to prevent from being damaged. You may want to consider removing this first.
  • Lay the cover aside. You may look into the LCD screen particularly the inverter cable. It is most of the time located at the center of the screen. You may connect the terminals found in here to a power source. If the LCD functions properly, the back-light turns on.
  • If you lift the single side of the socket and push it down, the backlight should turn-on once again. If the backlight does not turn on, you may suspect that the LCD is not working properly. You may consider replacing your LCD or contacting a more knowledgeable technician.
  • In replacing the LCD< you may remove the brackets holding the LCD display. You can start removing the screen. The bracket may have at least two screws that you need to remove first.
  • By gently removing the LCD screen, you may observe a case which contains the connections of the LCD in the internal circuitry of the monitor. It also has a socket which contains the assembly base.  With this, you must lift the socket in its edges to be able to take hole of the LCD cable out of the system.
  • Next step would be lifting the LCD screen. It will allow you to take out the LCD screen completely. From here, you may bring this in your nearest appliance center. You can consult and buy the very same brand/type that your LCD TV or monitor already has.

Remember to call the help of a registered technician if the problem cannot be solved with these simple diy troubleshooting.


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