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Modern world means high technology. When someone said high technology, it is often associated with computers and its complex system. It is a machine that is used for various purposes. You can encode or input valuable data and information on its system. It is often used in searching and researching. This machine can carry out operations that are impossible for a human being to solve. This is a big storage machine.

A computer is composed of three main parts namely; the monitor, the central processing unit (CPU) or also known as the motherboard and the mouse used in navigation. These are the external parts that are visible in the eyes. The most important part of the computer lies inside the CPU where the motherboard is located. It contains essential elements such as the memory disk. This machine consists of hardware and software. The software is an essential unit of the machine too since it is the one responsible for manipulating, reading and inputting information.

To know things that are related with computers, studying more about it is necessary. You will be able to gain knowledge is various problems that a computer system might encounter. You are also exposed to different types of computer repairs and troubleshooting.

A brief history about computers: It is during the middle of the 20th century when the first computer was introduced to the public. However, it’s not as small as you have in mind. It is actually as big as a room. And since it’s an electronic based machine, it consumes more energy than a normal computer would do. Computers now come in handy, there are personal computers and there are laptops (portable computers). Small gadgets such as mobile phone and iPads with software similar to computers are sold in the public.

Here are some of the most common dilemma a computer owner could bump into and possible computer repairs:

  • No power, this problem might be because of the unplug cable or improper connections of the wiring. Try to on the monitor or the CPU button it might be off. Also check the wire cords; it might not be plug in the power source.
  • The CPU is working but the monitor is still off even if you turn it on already. Try if the monitor’s cable is connected to the right socket. There might be a low supply of energy (i,e., the cable requires 250v but your socket is only 220v, you need to buy an adaptor). If it still doesn’t work, the hard drive might be not working properly. Ask a technician’s help to do it.
  • Virus attack, this is one of the most common problems that everyone is annoyed about. If you have observed that your PC’s system is not working well, often hangs up, slow response and can’t access files. This might be because of virus attacks. Make sure that you have anti-virus software installed in your PC. It is also important to update it more often, a quick scan won’t do harm too.
  • No internet connection. Check your firewall; see to it that the source of the internet connection is good. Try refreshing your browser many times until the internet is back. You may restart your system too. Once you’ve done all of these and the connection isn’t back yet call the costumer services representative for technical assistance.


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