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Toilet Repair

Toilets serve us one of the best functions in one’s home. It provides comfort to one who needs to freshen up or just a daily routine of removing excess baggage in your body. However, there are times when we experience problems in the toilet. Toilet bowls most of the time run water too much that it tends to fill up the whole bowl or just waste too much water. You should know that this might be the ball which is malfunctioning. The ball inside the toilet bowl is called tank flap. If you are bothered by this problem, you should not worry too much because it is highly repairable.

Here are some steps you need for toilet repair.

    • Identify the problem source. With this, you must first remove the lid of the toilet tank. In this way, you may be able to see the inside of the tank without dealing too much with the exterior problem. Place the lid in the floor for easy and safe access later.
    • Observe the ball. The ball should be properly placed in a valve like shape which floats in the toilet tank water. It can be metal or most of the time plastic. With plastic, it can easily float and thus have a lesser weight. If there are any amounts of water inside the valve, you may opt to clean it first or replace it.
    • Take hold of the tank flap at the bottom of the toilet tank. You may now press down the edges of it which is black or red in color. It is a rubber shaped like a cone which fits perfectly the toilet tank’s hole. If you hear any sound of running water stopping at some point, you may diagnose that the tank flap is malfunctioning. It can either be deformed or have already stood the test of time. It needs to be replaced if this is so.
    • Before replacing any parts, you may first turn off the water supply. This is usually found in the valve under the toilet bowl. This is normally located at the floor which can be turned in a clockwise direction. This flushes the toilet and drains the water in an instant.
    • Take out the parts you need to replace. Bring these parts in your local hardware shop and look for the exact type or kind for a perfect fit. You may consult the salesman for an easy access.
    • After you have already completed your equipment list, you may now start to replace the pieces of the toilet tank. Remember to put the parts exactly the way they were when you have removed them.
    • Test the toilet tank by experimentally putting water on the tank. In this way, you can test the ball if it still floats. Test the tank flap if it can already flush out the water in the toilet tank.
    • If everything works fine, you may now start to put back the pieces all together, securing the lid on top. Turn on the valve under and your toilet repair is done.


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