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Leather is an expensive material that is used in making jackets, shoes, belt, and wallet and as coverings for pricey furniture and car seats. Because it possessed one of a kind durability it becomes famous worldwide. This type of flexible material was made out from the skin of some animals such as the cattle hide. It undergoes tanning and other extensive processes that convert an ordinary skin into classy and luxurious leather materials.

There are various types of leathers. They are the following; Full-grain, top-grain, corrected-grain and split leather. In producing this material, there are four main processes that the manufacturer should follow. The first one is the preparatory (preparations for the skin to undergo tanning). It is followed then by the tanning method. And lastly is the crusting. The skin is now thinned and lubricated to be a more suitable material.

The finished product will be sold as raw products to various factories and companies. They will manufacture it and turn the material into bags, shoes, car seats and other products. The only problem left with this material is the maintenance. It is true that leathers are sturdy matter, but without proper care, its quality will decline too. And leather repairs might be harder as what you have in mind.

In an instance, in a car leather seat, because of different reasons and situations the leather seats have visible cuts, scratches and holes. It becomes ugly to the eyesight. If the hole or cut is smaller, it is still repairable though the repairs are still visible. Scratches can be removed by applying oils (olive, saddle, etc.). Get clean cotton, put some oil and rub it around the surface of the scratch. Do it repeatedly until the scratches are removed. It is also applicable if you have some leather furniture at home.

How about the leather shoes? Shoes with this type of material are obviously expensive. You need to clean it properly. In cleaning, you need to prepare a soft and soap to it using a wet sponge, or soft cloth. Each section or parts of the shoes should be applied and rubbed with the soap. Get another sponge or clean cloth and wipe it. You can repeat the same procedure until you are satisfied with it.

If there are some cracks or leaks. Leather repair should be done immediately, how? Get a clean sponge. You can use this in applying filler to the leather. It should be light and gentle. A single coating is fine. Set it aside from at least five to six minutes or until it is thoroughly dry. Remove the existing filler using sandpaper. If the cracks are deeper, applying a repair solution to it is the best idea. After putting the solution, leave it for 30 minutes to an hour. Remove the remains using sandpaper afterwards.

To maintain the original color of the leather or bring back its true color you can use colorants. Mixed it well and using a clean cloth, spread it to the dented areas. You may re-apply it again, then put the sealants and spray leather finish.

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