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Washing Machine Repair

Washing machines are very helpful for people who are not familiar with hand washing. Also, it is much easier to wash your clothes with an automatic machine that just instantly lets your clothes appear clean with a breeze. The functions of a washing machine may range from washing the clothes up until spinning them so you would not need to hang them in your clothes’ line. With this, you must learn how to care for your washing machine maintenance. There are times where you experience problems with your good-old washing machine. In turn, you must immediately fix this damage to prevent potential problems to arise in other parts of the machine.

If you are experiencing problems with your washing machine, follow these steps for simple troubleshooting:

    • Make sure that the machine is properly plugged in. Try to fix the plug because this might be the source as to why the machine is not functioning. Observe the plug as well as the power source you are using. If you have observed an inconsistency, call your nearest electric shop to help you fixing it.
    • If there are no problems in the power supply, you may now unplug the washing machine to prevent accident to happen while checking the internal parts of the washing machine.
    • If the washing machine keeps on draining the water you are filling it, you may want to check the hose needed to supply the water as well as the draining hose which lets the water release from the tank.
    • If there no problem with the hoses, you may now start to look into the insides of the washing machine. You may remove the panel below which is in charge collecting the water. You may look into the manual provided when you bought the washing machine.
    • Remember to replace any broken part that you may find damaged. You can also start cleaning any dirt found inside as well as clogged parts. With this, you are assured that the spare parts of the washing machine are clean and working smoothly.
    • There are also times when the washing machine is cannot intake water because of the damaged temperature selector. If this part is damaged, you may opt to consult with a knowledgeable technician. You may also search for tutorials online in how to fix this certain part. It is essential to have a working temperature selector.
    • If you are experiencing problems with the washing machine’s spin, make sure that there are no external materials that block the spinning part. There are some parts that can obstruct the natural spin and thus must be removed immediately.
    • You may also check the clothes’ weight. You may have distributed the clothes in an uneven weight inside. With this, it may cause malfunction in spinning. Keep on adjusting the placement of the clothes inside the washing machine until it starts to spin.
    • If you find any more internal problems in the washing machine, contact your nearest repair shop immediately.

    If you think the problem is major and the above troubleshooting tips don't help to solve the problem, get in contact with one of our experienced repairers.


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