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Refrigerator Repairs

One of the common household appliances that consumers always thought of buying ahead of time is the refrigerator. This is considered as one of the basic appliances that should be placed inside the kitchen. Refrigerator is a big compartment which possesses a thermal insulator feature. The presence of the heat pumps a mechanism where in the gathered heat from the internal surface of the refrigerator is transferred outside the machine. This will make the internal area of the refrigerator colder compare to the temperature outside.

You are all familiar with food methods of preservation, right? The most common one is the cooling method. Refrigerator is the best aid in cooling various types of foods. This avoids early spoilage since it inhibits certain food bacteria to spread and decrease its reproduction. The entire parts of the appliance consist of the compartments were other goods such as vegetables, fruits, water and milk are placed. It also has a freezer. Normally, it is located at the upper top most area of the machine. This is where you can put meat products (fish, pork, chicken and beef). The temperature it maintains is way lower than other areas of the device. It may also reach the freezing point at a time.

The designs as well as the sizes of the refrigerator were altered and change from time to time. It depends on the manufacturers. However, almost all the features are the same. The only different might be the additional attributes added it. Nevertheless, its real function to everyone is still the same. And since, this mechanical machine is often used every day. Meeting some problems is possible.

Before you encounter any refrigerator problems, here are some possible refrigerator repair techniques.

  • You’ve just come from the grocery store to buy a week of groceries including meat products. When you come home and put it inside the freezer you’ve just discovered that it is not cold enough. What would be the possible reasons? See if the temperature knob or setting is at zero or in lower numbers. You adjust it to the highest number or at least. If not, there might be problems with the vents. Check if the air flow is going gentle without any restrictions. Check if the door’s seals are tight enough.
  • Noisy refrigerator, check the following parts of the machine; its temperature level, condenser & evaporator fan and the drain pan.
  • There are water remains from the device to the floor. Did you detach the drain pan? Always check it more often. You can also clean and check the drain tube especially if it’s all about water problems.
  • It doesn’t work. Check the outlet (source of energy) the plugging might be incorrect. The fuse might have blown. There could be some problems in the electric cords.
  • The ref’s light is not working properly. You can replace another bulb.
  • The machine is not working but the light is functioning. Adjust the location of the machine; allow some air to flow on it. The temperature is not set well. The condenser coil is dirty; those are some of the reasons. As refrigerator repair, you can turn it off and unplug it for an hour or two. Turn it on again and check the temperature setting and other parts. If it persists, bring it to the manufacturer’s costumer service.

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