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Transmission Repair

Transmission mounting can be quite troublesome for others due to the cost it keeps when you need any repairs. It is the most important part of your vehicle and thus must be dealt with properly. The transmission offers the function of transferring horsepower in each of the vehicles wheel during its lifespan. It also secures the engine of great housing and supports the rear transmission from time to time. However, there are times when a transmission made out of rubber wears out. With this, one tends to be problematic about it repair or replacement. It can become unaligned and may produce internal damage with the system. With this, you must take into consideration replacing the transmission mounts which are observed to have cracked. There are even mounts which have missing parts that can potentially damage other parts.

Transmission repair should be done immediately. Prevent having more damage with your vehicle. Ask some help in replacing the defective transmission mounts.

  • Let the vehicle stop in a flat surface. Place the floor jack under the car and use it to raise the vehicle in a certain height where you can easily work with the parts under it. It is ideal to lift the tires at around three to four inches in height. Remember to use a secondary jack which can provide security for the worker below. It ensures the safety of the worker for times when the primary jack fails.
  • By lifting the transmission in the center part, it will remove the weight across the parts of it and the transmission mounts. With this, you can easily work on the mounts. Use penetrating oil to the mounts by spraying it. Allow the oil to soak the mounts for a couple of minutes.
  • Use your wrenches to loosen the bolts holding the transmission mounts. You may also opt to use a ratchet in doing so.
  • As soon as you have removed all the bolts, you can already remove fully the transmission mounts. With this, you may observe that there is a nut that should be loosened at the top in order for the bolts to drop fully.
  • Next, clean the area from any dirt that can potentially damage your new transmission mount. Remove the dirt and rusts using a cleaning kit or screwdriver in scrapping it off.
  • Insert the4 new transmission mounts provided that the floor jack has already lifted your car high enough for you to work on with the new mounts. The mounts should be able to appear longer than the old mount. This is due to the useful life of the old ones. They tend to wear out over time due to the weight of the transmission. Install the new mounts by sliding them in place.
  • Insert the bolts again in the transmission mounts in the proper place. Let the top nut secure these bolts properly.  Tighten them so that they would not misalign during usage.
  • Finally, lower down your car by slowly lowering down the floor jack. After this, try the new transmission mounts using a test run and you are off to go.


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